About Here:Say

Here:Say is a live storytelling show staged monthly October through May at The Workshop Brewing Company in Traverse City, Michigan. Here:Say is space where we can reconnect through the hilarious, heartfelt, and sometimes horrifying stories that tell life’s many truths.

Creative Director & Producer

Karen Stein is the founder and creative director of Here:Say. She developed her love for language as a child through playing word games with her family at the dinner table.

As someone who tells her most humbling stories to anyone who will listen and believes that everyone has a story to tell, Karen began Here:Say to open up a community space where people are encouraged to perform their own stories and listen to each other’s. She believes that our collective stories–be they sad or happy, inspirational or everyday–teach us life’s many truths and connect us to one another. She relishes in the glory of story and the people who tell them so well.

Everyone has a story to tell. What would happen if we started listening again?