Event Details

Date: 4 March 2019
Time: 7pm
Location: The Workshop Brewing Company, 221 Garland Street, Traverse City, MI 

How it works

No experience necessary! Come find out what it feels like to tell a story live on stage.

Come prepared to tell a story and put your name on the list. The list closes at 7pm.

Performers will be selected randomly from the basket. The show ends at 9:30pm.

Your name wasn’t selected? Come to the next Open Mic on the first Monday of the next month!

Tell a 6-minute story. You’ll hear a 1-minute warning ding at 5 minutes and a “done” ding at 6 minutes.

Tell from memory or read from notes—up to you!

After you tell your story, stick around to hear the rest!

What Kinds of Stories?

It can be a funny story, a sad story, a serious story, a “fall off your chair” hilarious story—but it must be a brutally honest and true story. Great stories on stage have a beginning, middle, and end, and involve stakes (something that stands to be gained or lost).

What We Aren’t

No fiction/poetry
No stand-up comedy
No singing/strumming

 What else to leave at home:

No hate speech

No racism

No sexism

No homophobia

No rants

No political stumping

This Open Mic happens in