To pitch your story, submit a written or recorded summary of the story you wish to tell. Written summary should be approximately 250 words, recorded should be approximately 2 minutes. (Submission of full written stories also accepted.)

A story should have (1) a beginning, middle, and end, (2) something happening (doing, not just thinking), and (3) stakes, that is, something you stand to gain or lose.


Include the following details in your pitches:

  • For what theme are you pitching this story?

hereSay Season16-17v4

  • What is the general trajectory of events that unfolded in this story?
  • Where and when did this story take place?
  • What was the inciting incident for this story?
  • What was at stake?
  • What changed after the event unfolded?

All pitches will receive a response. Send pitches or questions about the show to