Photographs from the December 21, 2015, Here:Say Show, The Mamas and the Papas

The wonderful audience taking in the start of the show…



Ben Whiting tells of what happened when his father went to pick up publicity photos for Ben’s budding career as an 11-year-old magician.



Here:Say emcee Jordan introduces Jonelle Bowers to the audience before the tells the story that reveals what it’s like to give a home birth in the midst of sideshow drama.



“Childless by choice” is sometimes considered a taboo topic — but Elon Cameron wasn’t shy in talking about it.



Assisting a girl whose mother had just died brought back a lot of emotion regarding Matt Soderquist’s own father’s tragic death.



Betsy tells the audience of the day her daughter was nearly the very young co-star in a punk rock music video.



In cleaning out her mother’s house, Jenifer Strauss found a treasure that reminded her of how her mother had influenced her to become a writer.



Is it possible that the ghosts of Donna Stein-Harris’ parents were visiting?