Photographs from the August 17, 2015, Here:Say Show, Off the Rails
Sponsored by The Filling Station Microbrewery
Staged at the Traverse Area District Library

Photographs by Sarah Brown Photography


An unexpected cease fire was called while Daniel Stewart was trying to earn an expert marksman designation at West Point.

Daniel Stewart 2


Jenifer Strauss lost a lot in a family fire when she was a kid.

Jenifer Strauss 1


Emcee Mike Moran introduces Kathryn Henning Callison before she tells the story of how she had tried to avoid conflict on a train in Spain during the Iraq. War. 

Mike Moran introduces Kathryn Henning Callison


Karen Stein learned she wasn’t as figuratively stuck in her life as she thought while she was literally stuck in a subway tunnel for nearly 3 hours.

Karen Stein 2


Kristy Snyder took the train with her daughter during March Madness, and lots of madness came with it.

kristy snyder 1


Tami Evans once managed to drag a drunken trainwreck of a friend home via the NY subway at 4 am.

Tami Evans 2