by Karen Stein

IO stage

It was a remarkably warm and sunny mid-Fall day when I walked into InsideOut to see about hosting live storytelling there.  As Mike washed glasses, I explained what Here:Say was at this time and what I hoped it would become, but with no other storytelling productions in Traverse City at that time, I had no way of predicting how use of the space would benefit InsideOut. “We can schedule one show for November and see how it goes,” Mike said.

The November show featured a wonderful collection of stories about “Getting Accustomed,” and the audience was triple the size of our first show at another venue that hadn’t worked out. As everyone filed out at the end of the evening, Mike whipped out his scheduling book: “You’re in. What dates do you want for future shows?”

We had a wonderful three seasons in this space and were so sad when its closing was announced. We appreciate the willingness to take a chance on a little production that kept growing and growing. Cheers to you, and thanks for everything, Mike and InsideOut!

farewell IO