Live Storytelling Series

Want to tell a Story at Here:Say? Send us a pitch!

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016

To pitch your story, submit a written or recorded summary of the story you wish to tell. Written summary should be approximately 250 words, recorded should be approximately 2 minutes. (Submission of full written stories also accepted.) A story should have (1) a beginning, middle, and end, (2) something happening (doing, not just thinking), and (3) stakes, that is, something you stand to gain or lose.   Include the following details in your pitches: For what theme are you pitching this story? What is the general trajectory of events that unfolded in this story? Where and when did this story take place? What was the inciting incident for this story? What was at stake? What changed after the event unfolded? All pitches will receive a response. Send pitches or questions about the show to  ...

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